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The OptOSS AI platform helps customers monitor massive streams of time-series data associated with their most prized assets. Automatically achieving an alert noise reduction of several orders of magnitude, it allows Ops teams to focus on what's important. Proactively clustering anomalies across various data streams, OptOSS AI also allows Ops teams to have a global real-time view of their infrastructures. OptOSS AI also helps Ops teams to codify their knowledge and avoid mundane operations.


Detect outages before they spin out of control

"OptOSS AI has proven to be useful in a test in the VodafoneZiggo network. There is a huge opportunity to improve on early detection of outages and time to repair."

Wilco Dekker, Manager Technology Strategy, VodafoneZiggo
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Base Infrastructure Cost Reduction

OptOSS AI was able to uncover, as well as quantify the incurred costs of, a well-disguised brute force attack on a leading CDN company's network.

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