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  • Why hire us?


We can help you when no-one else can. No other consultancy firm has our technical firepower and extraordinary experience.

We’re a small, elite team. We’ll deal with you directly and solve problems swiftly without the hassle of long winded corporate procedures.

We guarantee we can solve your issues. Unlike other companies, we have a no excuses policy. If we can’t fix it, we won’t bill you.


We don’t deal with minor issues or small scale projects, we only tackle the toughest challenges. We’re not cheap, but we’re regarded by our customers as the best of the best - the experts’ experts. Whether you manage wide area networks, have complex security problems or need to integrate mismatched technologies, you can rely on Opt/Net to deliver.

We work globally – flying anywhere to work on site, or using remote management tools to work off-site. No matter where your network is located, we can find the root cause of your problems and fix it.