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Opt/Net improves visibility into OCX cloud

Opt/Net proceeds on track with development and introduction of the innovative products, which solve challenges of service and infrastructure visibility for cloud service operators.

GÉANT and SURFnet demonstrated OptOSS NGCMS as a part of the Open Cloud eXchange (OCX) demo at the Supercomputing 2014 conference in New Orleans, USA. The GÉANT OCX demo was repeated at the Helix Nebula Initiative 5th General Assembly "Enabling a Dynamic Cloud Ecosystem" on 26-27 November 2014 at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy conference.

The goal of the OCX project at GÉANT is to provide dedicated federated access for European research community to cloud resources over advanced  GÉANT and national research networks.

OptOSS NGCMS provides near real-time visibility into managed networks and cloud  infrastructure of interconnected computing and storage resources and can assist operator in localizing small and large causes of potential incidents at least 10 times faster than similar solutions.

OptOSS NGCMS prototype was developed in collaboration with European R&E community in 2014. The work on the project started as part of space technology transfer to earth applications program under business incubation grant from ESA in 2014.

The demo of OptOSS NGCMS is available till May 2015 and will be shown to the scientific and industry communities in the course of the next year.

OptOSS NGCMS code will be published as open source project in the near future. This demo is based on OptOSS NGNMS product which nears GA release.

Early field trials of OptOSS NGNMS will be starting in Dec 2014 and Jan 2014 with selected interested parties.

Please, contact Opt/Net for more details at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.