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  • How we work?


We tackle issues immediately. We begin by doing forensic investigation and gathering data, alongside interviews with key personnel. Using our specialised software we look for anomalies in collected data, and can crunch vast amounts of information to find the source of issues. Once we have identified the problem we will begin creating a plan to deal with the crisis.

From troubleshooting to liaising with stakeholders We don’t believe in the usual corporate I.T. speak, all our work has our trademark personal touch. In an emergency we know the clients appreciate direct communication and a genuine sense of responsibility.


Our project work is always client and goal focused, with clearly defined milestones and outcomes. We work to the tightest deadlines, and we keep our customers up to date throughout the process with an easy to use online tracking system. Our ethos is based on collaboration and co-operation.

We always begin by presenting a clear business case for any project, making sure objectives are viable. We will deliver your projects on budget, on time and discretely. Our customers retain all rights to intellectual property after the contract is complete, and we always sign cast iron NDAs and confidentiality agreements and adhere to them strictly.