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  • OPT/Net: Safeguarding an EXTREME world


Opt/Net solves the unsolvable, untangling the most complex network issues on the planet, for companies where failure isn’t an option. We work with telecoms firms, managed service providers, and cyber security outfits, specialising in major incidents, high risk issues and mission critical challenges. We’re the people the experts call when they’re stumped.

As a Dutch company with a global reputation for analysing big data, we trace and fix intractable problems, providing a complete end-to-end solution, where other experts and consultants are left scratching their heads

We solve the trickiest, most complex systems issues, spanning thousands of sites and millions of users. We’ve helped some of the world’s biggest brands to deal with extremes, from network problems and security breaches to unexplained loss of revenue and customer churn on a grand scale.


When it’s already hit the fan we move fast. We bring our legendary problem solving expertise, revolutionary anomaly detecting software, and cutting edge thinking to find solutions where discretion, speed and decades of front line experience are essential.

From minute operator mistakes to massive denial of service attacks, from brute configuration omissions to sophisticated infiltrations, we tackle the problems with the widest scope and the largest scale. We find needles in haystacks, and not even the most carefully planned attack can hide from our rigorous investigations.

At our core is our all-conquering suite of data mining and anomaly analysis tools, which finds, identifies, visualises, tracks and controls unusual events and odd configurations.

  • Forensic evidence.
  • Disaster co-ordination.
  • Client liaison & reporting.
  • Technical investigation.
  • Rapid troubleshooting.
  • Service restoration.


From high end networking to business consulting services and custom software development we bridge the entire technology domain. Our expertise includes complex networking solutions, high performance data applications, web services, mobile media applications and distributed cloud and inter-cloud computing services.

To learn how we could help you deal with the unexpected, contact us today for free, independent guidance and a friendly chat to explore your options:

We stand behind our work!


Davide Rizza

Network Engineer at Fastweb, Italy

I’ve really appreciated the contribution of Opt/Net Consulting during testing and “tuning” of the new software release before the major upgrade of the broadband network routers. Consultant's deep familiarity with the hardware architecture of the target platforms ensured that no "stone was left unturned" during the validation testing and there was no room left for "bugs" to hide.


Taras Matselyukh

Founder and Managing Director at OPT/NET, The Netherlands

We are a boutique consultancy company and we take proud in our work and do everything possible to satisfy our customers. You simply can not find a firm where you can get a better service. We make impossible possible and you will notice the difference in our approach from the very beginning. Call us NOW for 1 hour free consultancy and tell us about your issues. I am very optimistic that we can help!